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Positioning Feet, Style B

Positioning Feet, Style B

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Positioning Feet, Style B
  • Positioning Feet, Style B
  • Positioning Feet, Style B
DescriptionMaterial:Body carbon steel.Version:Body tempered and black oxidised.
Contact faces case-hardened.
Note:The positioning feet act as supports for rough and machined parts. They can also be used as stops and thrust pads in fixtures and toolmaking.


Positioning Feet, Style B

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Order No.FormDD1HH1SWCADAcc.PriceOrder
K0299.206010BM610101110 on request
K0299.206020BM610201110 on request
K0299.208010BM813101313 on request
K0299.208015BM813151313 on request
K0299.208030BM813301313 on request
K0299.210010BM1017101617 on request
K0299.210020BM1017201617 on request
K0299.210040BM1017401617 on request
K0299.212010BM1219102019 on request
K0299.212025BM1219252019 on request
K0299.212050BM1219502019 on request
K0299.216015BM1627152427 on request
K0299.216030BM1627302427 on request
K0299.216060BM1627602427 on request
K0299.220040BM2032402932 on request
K0299.220080BM2032802932 on request
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