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Positioning Feet, Style C

Positioning Feet, Style C

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Positioning Feet, Style C
  • Positioning Feet, Style C
  • Positioning Feet, Style C
DescriptionMaterial:Body in tempered steel.Version:Body heat-treated with black oxide finish.
Support surfaces case-hardened.
Note:The positioning feet act as supports for rough and machined parts and as stops. They can also be integrated into standard clamping or support elements.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0299_C Positioning Feet, Style C 228 kB


Positioning Feet, Style C

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K0299.306010 CM61010111510 on request
K0299.306020 CM61020111510 on request
K0299.308010 CM81310132013 on request
K0299.308015 CM81315132013 on request
K0299.308030 CM81330132013 on request
K0299.310010 CM101710163017 on request
K0299.310020 CM101720163017 on request
K0299.310040 CM101740163017 on request
K0299.312010 CM121910204019 on request
K0299.312025 CM121925203519 on request
K0299.312050 CM121950203519 on request
K0299.316015 CM162715245027 on request
K0299.316030 CM162730245027 on request
K0299.316060 CM162760245027 on request
K0299.320040 CM203240296032 on request
K0299.320080 CM203280296032 on request
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