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Adjustable Handles ECO internal thread, inch
K0252 inch

Adjustable Handles ECO internal thread, inch

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Description Material: Handle and insert reinforced plastic.

For size 1 and 2, brass bush.
For size 3, steel bush.
Version: Blue chromed steel. Note: Standard colour is black
grey RAL 7021.
On request: Other internal threads, colours and
special versions.


Adjustable Handles ECO internal thread, inch

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Order No.SizeXTD

D1D2HH1H2H3H4AA1BNo. of
CAD Acc. Price Order
K0252.1AE118-3261012,614,121,7511,33229,147,9551312 on request
K0252.1A11110-3261012,614,121,7511,33229,147,9551312 on request
K0252.2A11210-327,513,51719285,51441,93864,57417,512 on request
K0252.2A2121/4-20913,51719285,51441,93864,57417,512 on request
K0252.2A3125/16-18913,51719285,51441,93864,57417,512 on request
K0252.3A3135/16-1814,51720,423,940,71023,158,153,381,1932212 on request
K0252.3A4133/8-1614,51720,423,940,71023,158,153,381,1932212 on request
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Clamping lever ECO
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