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Tube clamps swivel, plastic with ball joint

Tube clamps swivel, plastic with ball joint

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DescriptionProduct description:Swivel tube clamps have interlocking teeth and can be swivelled through 180° in 15° increments.
The tube clamps have a 360° rotatable connection plate on the ball joint and so offer even more adjustment freedom.
Components such as sensors, reflectors and other elements can be fastened to these and individually adjusted. Suitable for components that need to be precisely aligned and often readjusted.
The swivel range of the connection plate is 60°.
DIN 7984 screws and DIN 985 nuts steel.
Screws and nuts electro zinc-plated.
Note:Combinable with other 18 mm tube clamps. Use reducer sleeves if smaller tubes are to be clamped or a conversion from round to square tubes (or vice versa) is required.

A special coating on the surface of the ball joint ensures high-strength clamping.

Max. torque when tightening the locking screw:
M6: 8 Nm.
M8: 25 Nm.

The stated forces and torques are non-binding guidelines that may not be achievable due to diverse application conditions e.g. temperature or surface finish.
The details constitute niether a guarantee of the quality nor a warranted characteristic of the products.
Accessory:- Reducer sleeves K0492
- Round and square tubes K0493
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Tube clamps swivel, plastic with ball joint

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