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Indexing plungers steel or stainless steel with status sensor, hardwired, Form A

Indexing plungers steel or stainless steel with status sensor,...

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DescriptionProduct description:Indexing plungers are used where it is necessary to prevent changes of position due to lateral forces.
Some examples of this are for length, height and position locking in machines, equipment, furniture and special vehicle construction.

With indexing plungers with status sensor, the actuation status can be detected and evaluated electronically.The connection, e.g. to a machine control system, is hard wired via the connection cable of the integrated sensor.
Material:Version:Steel version:
Threaded sleeve, black oxidised.
Indexing pin hardened, ground and black oxidised.

Stainless steel version:
Threaded sleeve, bright.
Indexing pin hardened, ground and bright.
Indexing pin not hardened, ground and bright.
Note:The status sensor switches when it engages after S - 1 mm travel.Technical data:Inductive sensor:
Output circuit: PNP NO
Operating voltage: 6 - 30 V DC
Operating current: <100 mA
Contact gap: 1 mm
Switch frequency: <4000 Hz
Short-circuit proof: yes
Reverse polarity protection: yes
Rating: IP 67
Connection type: 2 m PVC cable
Temperature range: -10 °C - +70 °C
Approvals: CE, c UL us, EAC
Application:Indexing plungers with status sensor allow actuation-dependent process control. It is also possible to ensure that the indexing pin is in the desired actuation status.Safety:Indexing plungers with status sensor are not suitable for personnel safety functions.Drawing reference:
Form A: non-lockout type, without locknut
Form B: non-lockout type, with locknut
Form C: lockout type, without locknut
Form D: lockout type, with locknut

P = cable length

BN = brown
BK = black
BU = blue
Special features:


Indexing plungers steel or stainless steel with status sensor, hardwired, Form A

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Order No.FormMain
locating pinD

SW1Fx30°PSpring force
initial pressure
F1 approx. N
Spring force
final pressure
F2 approx. N
K1744.11051Asteelhardened5M10x1252,451177155131,32000512153.88 $ (USD)
K1744.12061Asteelhardened6M12x1,5252,456208176141,82000614156.13 $ (USD)
K1744.13081Asteelhardened8M16x1,5332,4742610238192,320001535158.42 $ (USD)
K1744.14101Asteelhardened10M20x1,5332,48028122510222,820001534165.28 $ (USD)
K1744.14121Asteelhardened12M20x1,5332,48428142512222,820001539169.81 $ (USD)
K1744.011051Astainless steelhardened5M10x1252,451177155131,32000512160.70 $ (USD)
K1744.012061Astainless steelhardened6M12x1,5252,456208176141,82000614162.99 $ (USD)
K1744.013081Astainless steelhardened8M16x1,5332,4742610238192,320001535169.81 $ (USD)
K1744.014101Astainless steelhardened10M20x1,5332,48028122510222,820001534174.38 $ (USD)
K1744.014121Astainless steelhardened12M20x1,5332,48428142512222,820001539178.94 $ (USD)
K1744.111051Astainless steelnot hardened5M10x1252,451177155131,32000512160.70 $ (USD)
K1744.112061Astainless steelnot hardened6M12x1,5252,456208176141,82000614162.99 $ (USD)
K1744.113081Astainless steelnot hardened8M16x1,5332,4742610238192,320001535169.81 $ (USD)
K1744.114101Astainless steelnot hardened10M20x1,5332,48028122510222,820001534174.38 $ (USD)
K1744.114121Astainless steelnot hardened12M20x1,5332,48428142512222,820001539178.94 $ (USD)
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