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Shaft collars one-piece, wide, slitted outside

Shaft collars one-piece, wide, slitted outside

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DescriptionMaterial:Version:Steel black oxidised.
Screw 12.9 steel.
Stainless steel bright.
Screw A2-70 stainless steel.
Note:One-piece shaft collars with an outer slit surround the shaft with an equal distribution of the clamping force. This leads to a very precise fit and high retaining force without damaging the shaft.

The shaft tolerance should lie within h11.

Due to the slit being on the outside of the shaft collar, up to 15% higher clamping forces can be achieved than with the version with slit on the inside. The bore remains cylindrical, thus precisely enclosing the shaft. Less imbalance.
Temperature range:-40 °C to +175 °C.On request:Other dimensions.Special features:


Shaft collars one-piece, wide, slitted outside

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Order No.Form-TypeMain
(DIN 912)

K1923.100801slitted outsidesteel20M3x881822,4 12.26 $ (USD)
K1923.101001slitted outsidesteel20M3x10102426 13.81 $ (USD)
K1923.101201slitted outsidesteel24M4x12122831,8 15.54 $ (USD)
K1923.101601slitted outsidesteel29M5x16163439,4 18.80 $ (USD)
K1923.102001slitted outsidesteel33M6x18204046,4 21.28 $ (USD)
K1923.102501slitted outsidesteel33M6x18254550,8 24.78 $ (USD)
K1923.103001slitted outsidesteel33M6x18305458,6 29.79 $ (USD)
K1923.104001slitted outsidesteel33M6x18406065 30.05 $ (USD)
K1923.105001slitted outsidesteel41M8x25507887 45.58 $ (USD)
K1923.100802slitted outsidestainless steel20M3x881822,4 20.16 $ (USD)
K1923.101002slitted outsidestainless steel20M3x10102426 25.23 $ (USD)
K1923.101202slitted outsidestainless steel24M4x12122831,8 28.24 $ (USD)
K1923.101602slitted outsidestainless steel29M5x16163439,4 34.43 $ (USD)
K1923.102002slitted outsidestainless steel33M6x18204046,4 38.90 $ (USD)
K1923.102502slitted outsidestainless steel33M6x18254550,8 45.90 $ (USD)
K1923.103002slitted outsidestainless steel33M6x18305458,6 54.32 $ (USD)
K1923.104002slitted outsidestainless steel33M6x18406065 54.86 $ (USD)
K1923.105002slitted outsidestainless steel41M8x25507887 83.42 $ (USD)
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