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Side clamps

Side clamps

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel.Version:Case-hardened and black oxidised.Note:This is a quick-action side clamp where workpieces are clamped by rotating a cam wheel which exerts pressure on the swivel jaw, simultaneously producing a positive down force.
Using the stop screw and centring bush (see diagram), the side clamp can be mounted and positioned on a modular grid system.

The versions K0034.006010, K0034.006015, K0034.006030 and K0034.006035 have 2 round carbide inserts.
Clamping force:K0034.006... = 3800 N
K0034.010... = 7200 N


Side clamps

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Order No.FormVersion 1ABDD1EE1E2E3HH1KK1LL1L2RF=retaining force
K0034.006020Dright7825126,2111284254542646,522201103800 on request
K0034.010020Dright121,5401810,21820137407464270,53531,51437200 on request
K0034.006040Dleft7825126,2111284254542646,522201103800 on request
K0034.010040Dleft121,5401810,21820137407464270,53531,51437200 on request
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