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Retaining magnets hard ferrite

Retaining magnets hard ferrite

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DescriptionMaterial:Housing plastic (ABS).
Magnetic core hard ferrite.
Note:These magnets are often used on notice boards, whiteboards and magnetic boards.Temperature range:max. 100°C.On request:Magnetic core NdFeB (neodymium).Drawing reference:
1) Magnetic face
2) Magnet
3) Housing
Special features:


Retaining magnets hard ferrite

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Order No.ColourD

force N
K1398.101white10,59,571,50,7 on request
K1398.161white1614,571,11,3 on request
K1398.201white201672,11,5 on request
K1398.251white252282,210 on request
K1398.301white30288214 on request
K1398.361white3632,592,29,5 on request
K1398.102blue10,59,571,50,7 on request
K1398.162blue1614,571,11,3 on request
K1398.202blue201672,11,5 on request
K1398.252blue252282,210 on request
K1398.302blue30288214 on request
K1398.362blue3632,592,29,5 on request
K1398.103red10,59,571,50,7 on request
K1398.163red1614,571,11,3 on request
K1398.203red201672,11,5 on request
K1398.253red252282,210 on request
K1398.303red30288214 on request
K1398.363red3632,592,29,5 on request
K1398.104black10,59,571,50,7 on request
K1398.164black1614,571,11,3 on request
K1398.204black201672,11,5 on request
K1398.254black252282,210 on request
K1398.304black30288214 on request
K1398.364black3632,592,29,5 on request
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