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Protective caps for open-end spanner

Protective caps for open-end spanner

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DescriptionMaterial:AlSi1MgMnNote:The protective cap was specially developed for tightening and loosening screw connections with sensitive surfaces. With normal tools, the surface of polished screws are so damaged even by the first tightening, that cavities are created making easy and effective cleaning no longer possible.

The protective caps ensure damage free tightening and loosening of fasteners with outer contours. The soft aluminium leaves no scratches or other damage on sensitive surfaces. As the aluminium cap is placed over the hard tool steel, the actual tightening load / tightening torque is taken up by the combination spanner. By proper and professional use the protective caps have a service life of ca. 1000 operating cycles.

Additionally, with the protective caps the risk of contact corrosion is reliably prevented on stainless steel fasteners. The projecting contour largely prevents unintentional contact points between spanner and stainless steel screw. The protective caps are made of the aluminium alloy EN AW 6082 and so comply with EN 602 - aluminium in contact with food. The protective cap is safely held in the spanner by a special moulding or sprung clip element. The cap cannot fall out on its own. Damaged protective caps can be exchanged manually.
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K1362.1007Protective Insert-10791719,42,35,68,6on request
K1362.1108Protective Insert-11891820,72,35,78,7on request
K1362.1310Protective Insert-1310102223,236,710,7on request
K1362.1613Protective Insert-1613132728,637,711,7on request
K1362.1916Protective Insert-1916133032,548,612,6on request
K1362.2118Protective Insert-21181332354913on request
K1362.2724Protective Insert-2724144043,8410,815on request
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