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Two-Spoke Handwheels aluminum planed, without handle, metric
K0162 Metric

Two-Spoke Handwheels aluminum planed, without handle, metric

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DescriptionMaterial:Handwheel aluminium, centre hub galvanized steel.Version:Wheel rim turned and polished.
Radial and axial run-out of rim < IT 12.
On request:Hubs with square socket or plastic-coated handwheels.

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series 1
series 2
K0162.0080X108010-241628  on request
K0162.0080X1280-12241628  on request
K0162.0100X1010010-261733  on request
K0162.0100X12100-12261733  on request
K0162.0125X1212512-311833,5  on request
K0162.0125X14125-14311833,5  on request
K0162.0160X1416014-362039  on request
K0162.0160X16160-16362039  on request
K0162.0200X1820018-422445  on request
K0162.0200X20200-20422445  on request
K0162.0250X2225022-482851  on request
K0162.0250X26250-26482851  on request
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