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Handwheels 2-spoke plastic, with folding grip, metric
K0725 metric

Handwheels 2-spoke plastic, with folding grip, metric

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DescriptionMaterial:Handwheel, reinforced and stabilised polyamide.
Centre caps, polyamide.
Centre bush and tapped insert for cylinder grip, steel.
Version:Handwheel, oil and grease resistant, black (RAL 9011), satin finish.
Centre caps, grey (RAL 7035).
Centre bush and tapeed insert for folding grip, black oxidised.
On request:Other cap colours.
Special versions.
Special features:


Handwheels 2-spoke plastic, with folding grip, metric
Handwheels 2-spoke plastic, with folding grip, metric

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K0725.6130X1212912H73220512911120595253 47.12 $ (USD)
K0725.6130X1412914H73220512911120595253 47.12 $ (USD)
K0725.6160X1415914H74025653112624715559 60.90 $ (USD)
K0725.6160X1615916H74025653112624715559 60.90 $ (USD)
K0725.6200X1620016H754,527803316028916969 98.55 $ (USD)
K0725.6200X2020020H754,527803316028916969 98.55 $ (USD)
K0725.6345X2034620H767,52714843,514432918080 154.72 $ (USD)
K0725.7130X1212912H73220512911120595253 50.88 $ (USD)
K0725.7130X1412914H73220512911120595253 50.88 $ (USD)
K0725.7160X1415914H74025653112624715559 64.62 $ (USD)
K0725.7160X1615916H74025653112624715559 64.62 $ (USD)
K0725.7200X1620016H754,527803316028916969 102.29 $ (USD)
K0725.7200X2020020H754,527803316028916969 102.29 $ (USD)
K0725.7345X2034620H767,52714843,514432918080 157.55 $ (USD)
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