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Hinges aluminum

Hinges aluminum

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DescriptionMaterial:Die-cast aluminium.
Hinge pin stainless steel.
Version:Hinge silver powder coated.
Axle bright.
Note:Hinges for panel elements and aluminium profiles, non lift-off.
The hinges can be fitted with plastic caps on the hinge pin.

The loading values given for the hinges are non-binding reference values without consideration of safety factors and exclude any liability. The values given are for information purposes only and do not constitute a legally binding assurance of properties.

The load values have been determined under laboratory conditions. Each user must determine individually whether the hinge is suitable for the respective application.

Different materials onto which the hinges are installed and the type of mounting, weather conditions and wear can influence the determined values.
On request:Hinges with guide tabs for aluminium profiles (slots 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14).
Unequal leaf combinations.
Special features:


Hinges aluminum

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K0580.3520207220203636480,3250,225 23.56 $ (USD)
K0580.4023237722,522,538,538,5480,40,25 23.87 $ (USD)
K0580.45252587252543,543,5480,40,25 24.24 $ (USD)
K0580.5028289727,527,548,548,5480,40,25 24.58 $ (USD)
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