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Indexing Plungers, Style C, metric
K0338_C Metric

Indexing Plungers, Style C, metric

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DescriptionMaterial:Version:Steel version:
Threaded sleeve, black oxidised.
Indexing pin hardened, ground and black oxidised.

Stainless steel version:
Threaded sleeve, bright.
Indexing pin hardened, ground and bright.
Indexing pin not hardened, ground and bright.
Note:Indexing plungers are used to prevent any change in locking position due to lateral forces. A new locking position can only be set after the pin has been manually disengaged. Form C or D is recommended for applications where the plunger remains disengaged over a long period and the pin should be prevented from springing back.On request:Special versions.Special features:


Indexing Plungers, Style C, metric

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Order No.FormMain
Surface finish
SW1Fx30°Spring force
initial pressure
F1 approx. N
Spring force
final pressure
F2 approx. N
K0338.3903Csteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70213M6x0,751431,5125103,580,84,510 16.29 $ (USD)
K0338.3004Csteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70214M8x11838,5156134101612  15.51 $ (USD)
K0338.3105Csteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70215M10x12143,5177155131,3512  14.74 $ (USD)
K0338.3206Csteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70216M12x1,52551,7208176141,8614  16.38 $ (USD)
K0338.3308Csteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70218M16x1,533682610238192,31535  19.58 $ (USD)
K0338.3410Csteelhardenedblack grey RAL 702110M20x1,5337428122510222,81534 31.80 $ (USD)
K0338.3412Csteelhardenedblack grey RAL 702112M20x1,5337828142512222,81539 34.95 $ (USD)
K0338.3516Csteelhardenedblack grey RAL 702116M24x2409632182816273,22046 39.74 $ (USD)
K0338.390384Csteelhardenedred RAL 30203M6x0,751431,5125103,580,84,510 16.29 $ (USD)
K0338.300484Csteelhardenedred RAL 30204M8x11838,5156134101612 15.51 $ (USD)
K0338.310584Csteelhardenedred RAL 30205M10x12143,5177155131,3512 14.74 $ (USD)
K0338.320684Csteelhardenedred RAL 30206M12x1,52551,7208176141,8614 16.38 $ (USD)
K0338.330884Csteelhardenedred RAL 30208M16x1,533682610238192,31535 19.58 $ (USD)
K0338.341084Csteelhardenedred RAL 302010M20x1,5337428122510222,81534 31.80 $ (USD)
K0338.341284Csteelhardenedred RAL 302012M20x1,5337828142512222,81539 34.95 $ (USD)
K0338.351684Csteelhardenedred RAL 302016M24x2409632182816273,22046 39.74 $ (USD)
K0338.03903Cstainless steelhardenedblack grey RAL 70213M6x0,751431,5125103,580,84,510 23.65 $ (USD)
K0338.03004Cstainless steelhardenedblack grey RAL 70214M8x11838,5156134101612  22.55 $ (USD)
K0338.03105Cstainless steelhardenedblack grey RAL 70215M10x12143,5177155131,3512  21.47 $ (USD)
K0338.03206Cstainless steelhardenedblack grey RAL 70216M12x1,52551,7208176141,8614  25.37 $ (USD)
K0338.03308Cstainless steelhardenedblack grey RAL 70218M16x1,533682610238192,31535  34.47 $ (USD)
K0338.03410Cstainless steelhardenedblack grey RAL 702110M20x1,5337428122510222,81534 66.47 $ (USD)
K0338.03412Cstainless steelhardenedblack grey RAL 702112M20x1,5337828142512222,81539 73.09 $ (USD)
K0338.03516Cstainless steelhardenedblack grey RAL 702116M24x2409632182816273,22046 83.07 $ (USD)
K0338.0390384Cstainless steelhardenedred RAL 30203M6x0,751431,5125103,580,84,510 23.65 $ (USD)
K0338.0300484Cstainless steelhardenedred RAL 30204M8x11838,5156134101612 22.55 $ (USD)
K0338.0310584Cstainless steelhardenedred RAL 30205M10x12143,5177155131,3512 21.47 $ (USD)
K0338.0320684Cstainless steelhardenedred RAL 30206M12x1,52551,7208176141,8614 25.37 $ (USD)
K0338.0330884Cstainless steelhardenedred RAL 30208M16x1,533682610238192,31535 34.47 $ (USD)
K0338.0341084Cstainless steelhardenedred RAL 302010M20x1,5337428122510222,81534 66.47 $ (USD)
K0338.0341284Cstainless steelhardenedred RAL 302012M20x1,5337828142512222,81539 73.09 $ (USD)
K0338.0351684Cstainless steelhardenedred RAL 302016M24x2409632182816273,22046 83.07 $ (USD)
K0338.13903Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70213M6x0,751431,5125103,580,84,510 23.65 $ (USD)
K0338.13004Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70214M8x11838,5156134101612  22.55 $ (USD)
K0338.13105Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70215M10x12143,5177155131,3512  21.47 $ (USD)
K0338.13206Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70216M12x1,52551,7208176141,8614  25.37 $ (USD)
K0338.13308Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70218M16x1,533682610238192,31535  34.47 $ (USD)
K0338.13410Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 702110M20x1,5337428122510222,81534 66.47 $ (USD)
K0338.13412Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 702112M20x1,5337828142512222,81539 73.09 $ (USD)
K0338.13516Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 702116M24x2409632182816273,22046 83.07 $ (USD)
K0338.1390384Cstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30203M6x0,751431,5125103,580,84,510 23.65 $ (USD)
K0338.1300484Cstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30204M8x11838,5156134101612 22.55 $ (USD)
K0338.1310584Cstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30205M10x12143,5177155131,3512 21.47 $ (USD)
K0338.1320684Cstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30206M12x1,52551,7208176141,8614 25.37 $ (USD)
K0338.1330884Cstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30208M16x1,533682610238192,31535 34.47 $ (USD)
K0338.1341084Cstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 302010M20x1,5337428122510222,81534 66.47 $ (USD)
K0338.1341284Cstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 302012M20x1,5337828142512222,81539 73.09 $ (USD)
K0338.1351684Cstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 302016M24x2409632182816273,22046 83.07 $ (USD)
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