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Indexing plungers with collar for Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washers, Form C, with locking slot

Indexing plungers with collar for Hygienic USIT® seal and shim...

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DescriptionProduct description:

Indexing plungers are used where it is necessary to prevent changes of position due to lateral forces. A new locking position can be set only after the plunger has been manually retracted. Form C (with lockout slot) is recommended for applications where the indexing pin should remain disengaged for an extended period and be prevented from springing back.

This indexing plunger is suitable for the foodstuff sectors. It has a conical collar so that the fastening point can be hygienically sealed using the Hygienic USIT® sealing and shim washer. The surface finish is Ra < 0.8 µm, which prevents dirt particles from adhering and ensures easy cleaning.

Material:Version:Indexing pin hardened or not hardened, bright.Temperature range:

70 EPDM 295: -40 °C to 150 °C.

75 Fluoroprene® XP: -15 °C to 200 °C.

Advantages:Hygienic conform design
Stainless steel 1.4404
Suitable for CIP/SIP cleaning
Resistant to polar and nonpolar media as well as aromatic substances
Certified according to DGUV test

Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washers K1491.

Supplied with

Indexing plunger including seal and shim washer Hygienic USIT®.

Special features:
Stainless steel RoHS


Indexing plungers with collar for Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washers, Form C, with locking slot

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Order No.FormMain
locating pinComponent
SW1Fx30°Spring force
initial pressure
F1 approx. N
Spring force
final pressure
F2 approx. N
K1698.0310601Cstainless steelhardenedblack6M103322,363,511141,56121,84045 95.55 $ (USD)
K1698.0310611Cstainless steelhardenedblack6M10x13322,363,511141,56121,84045 95.55 $ (USD)
K1698.0320801Cstainless steelhardenedblack8M123326,669,513161,58122,34062 105.02 $ (USD)
K1698.0320811Cstainless steelhardenedblack8M12x1,53326,669,513161,58122,34062 105.02 $ (USD)
K1698.0310602Cstainless steelhardenedblue6M103322,363,511141,56121,84045 115.41 $ (USD)
K1698.0310612Cstainless steelhardenedblue6M10x13322,363,511141,56121,84045 115.41 $ (USD)
K1698.0320802Cstainless steelhardenedblue8M123326,669,513161,58122,34062 130.50 $ (USD)
K1698.0320812Cstainless steelhardenedblue8M12x1,53326,669,513161,58122,34062 130.50 $ (USD)
K1698.1310601Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack6M103322,363,511141,56121,84045 92.98 $ (USD)
K1698.1310611Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack6M10x13322,363,511141,56121,84045 92.98 $ (USD)
K1698.1320801Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack8M123326,669,513161,58122,34062 100.29 $ (USD)
K1698.1320811Cstainless steelnot hardenedblack8M12x1,53326,669,513161,58122,34062 100.29 $ (USD)
K1698.1310602Cstainless steelnot hardenedblue6M103322,363,511141,56121,84045 112.10 $ (USD)
K1698.1310612Cstainless steelnot hardenedblue6M10x13322,363,511141,56121,84045 112.10 $ (USD)
K1698.1320802Cstainless steelnot hardenedblue8M123326,669,513161,58122,34062 125.54 $ (USD)
K1698.1320812Cstainless steelnot hardenedblue8M12x1,53326,669,513161,58122,34062 125.54 $ (USD)
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