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Thrust PadsDIN 6311 extended

Thrust Pads DIN 6311 extended

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel case-hardened.
Snap ring spring steel.
Version:Black oxidised.Note:When fitting the thrust pad, ensure that it is inclined as far as possible in the direction of the snap ring opening. The snap ring is supplied assembled.Drawing reference:
Form S: thrust pad with snap ring
Form T: low design, large clamping surface with snap ring

1) thrust face


Thrust PadsDIN 6311 extended

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Order No.FormD1D2D4H1H2T1For grub screws
with trust point
DIN 6332
K0392.06S124,61072,54M6 on request
K0392.08S166,112945M8 on request
K0392.10S208,1151156M10 on request
K0392.12S258,1181377M12 on request
K0392.16S3212,1221577,5M16 on request
K0392.20S4015,6281698M20 on request
K0392.108T256,112844,5M8 on request
K0392.110T328,1181066M10 / M12 on request
K0392.116T4012,1221277M16 on request
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