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Star Grips with plain steel bushing, Style K, metric
K0153_K Metric

Star Grips with plain steel bushing, Style K, metric

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DescriptionMaterial:Black thermoplastic.
Steel grade 5.8 or stainless steel 1.4305.
Version:Metal parts blue chromed steel or bright stainless steel.Note:The projecting steel bush make these star grips especially suitable for cross pinning.Drawing reference:


Star Grips with plain steel bushing, Style K, metric

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K0153.205SteelKM5925101797 on request
K0153.206SteelKM6123213,521119,5 on request
K0153.2061SteelKM6124013,5251310 on request
K0153.208SteelKM8124013,5251310 on request
K0153.2081SteelKM8175019321712 on request
K0153.210SteelKM10175019321712 on request
K0153.2101SteelKM10176319371812 on request
K0153.212SteelKM12176319371812 on request
K0153.216SteelKM16236323402115 on request
K0153.305Stainless steelKM5925101797 on request
K0153.306Stainless steelKM6123213,521119,5 on request
K0153.3061Stainless steelKM6124013,5251310 on request
K0153.308Stainless steelKM8124013,5251310 on request
K0153.3081Stainless steelKM8175019321712 on request
K0153.310Stainless steelKM10175019321712 on request
K0153.3101Stainless steelKM10176319371812 on request
K0153.312Stainless steelKM12176319371812 on request
K0153.316Stainless steelKM16236323402115 on request
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