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Handwheels with revolving handle, inch
K0257 Inch

Handwheels with revolving handle, inch

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DescriptionMaterial:Black grey thermoplastic.Version:Steel parts black oxidised.Note:The hub cap and the revolving grip are supplied loose. To assemble the grip, simply screw it into the existing hole.
The handwheels can be secured using a transverse pin or with parallel key connection together with a DIN 6912 socket head screw and a DIN 7349 washer.


Handwheels with revolving handle, inch

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K0257.1080CO10,37580251913M4302,517,5137537,540 on request
K0257.2100CO20,375100281916M53832013904449,5 on request
K0257.2100CP20,5100281916M53832013904449,5 on request
K0257.3125CP30,5125352520M647,5423,518,51095360 on request
K0257.4160CP40,5160452525M8625,62818,514464,583,5 on request
K0257.4160CQ40,625160452525M8625,62818,514464,583,5 on request
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