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Handwheels with fold-away handle, metric
K0258 Metric

Handwheels with fold-away handle, metric

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DescriptionMaterial:Black grey thermoplastic.Version:Steel parts black oxidised.Note:The hub cap is supplied loose.
The handwheels can be secured using a transverse pin or by parallel key connection together with a DIN 6912 socket head screw and a DIN 7349 washer.


Handwheels with fold-away handle, metric

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K0258.1080081880251913M413302,517,5137537,540 on request
K0258.210010210100281916M5163832013904449 on request
K0258.210012212100281916M5163832013904449 on request
K0258.312512312125352520M62047,5423,518,51095359,5 on request
K0258.416014414160452525M826625,62818,514464,583,5 on request
K0258.416016416160452525M826625,62818,514464,583,5 on request
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