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Wing Grips with continuous internal thread, inch
K0274 Inch

Wing Grips with continuous internal thread, inch

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DescriptionProduct description:or many the modern Novo·Grip wing grips represent the perfect constructive and technical solution for absolutely “natural” gripping. It enables more comfortable handling than ever before.Material:Grip black.
Bush steel 5.8 or stainless steel 1.4305.
Version:Grip black grey.
Bush blue passivated steel
or bright stainless steel.
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Wing Grips with continuous internal thread, inch

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K0274.19AESteel8-3212384,5188,516,110 on request
K0274.19A1Steel10-3212384,5188,516,110 on request
K0274.19A2Steel1/4-2012384,5188,516,110 on request
K0274.11A1Steel10-32145052411,52210 on request
K0274.11A2Steel1/4-20145052411,52210 on request
K0274.12A3Steel5/16-182175735,61733,314 on request
K0274.12A4Steel3/8-162175735,61733,314 on request
K0274.109AEStainless steel8-3212384,5188,516,110 on request
K0274.109A1Stainless steel10-3212384,5188,516,110 on request
K0274.109A2Stainless steel1/4-2012384,5188,516,110 on request
K0274.101A1Stainless steel10-32145052411,52210 on request
K0274.101A2Stainless steel1/4-20145052411,52210 on request
K0274.102A3Stainless steel5/16-182175735,61733,314 on request
K0274.102A4Stainless steel3/8-162175735,61733,314 on request
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