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New KIPP order-numbers
We have made the new KIPP catalogue even more user-friendly, by classifying it into 20 main product-groups.
This optimisation, along with the extension of our range of products to include more than 1,800 extra items, has required changes to our system of order numbers. These will now begin with a letter "K" (for "KIPP"), and will display other differences with respect to the old numbering system.

An example:

--- Previous number: 06460-2082X40

--- New number: K0122.2082X40
Please use the new numbering system in all your future orders. Click here for information on the number-conversion formula.
Entry of order-number
Previous order-no.
To search for an order number, please enter the previous order number in the top field, and click on "Search".
Here you can check item's availability.
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