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Stainless steel cap nuts with collar and seal and shim washer for Hygienic USIT® set

Stainless steel cap nuts with collar and seal and shim washer...

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DescriptionProduct description:

Set: cap nut with collar K1493 + Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer K1491.

Only the combination of a cap nut with collar and the Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer assures a cavity-free seal.

The cap nut with collar for Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washers is ideal for fastening in sterile areas and also conform to EHEDG regulations, which is confirmed with the relevant certificate.

Material:Version:Cap nut: polished.Note:

The EHEDG certificate is only valid when a combination of cap nut with collar K1493 and specially matched Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer K1491 is used.


The function of the Hygienic USIT® screw connection system has been tested in combination with stainless steel materials and standard cleaning materials. The user must check that it is suitable for the application in question.

Accessory:Hexagon head screw with collar K1492.
Sockets with plastic inserts K1361.
Ring/open-end spanner with protective caps K1362.
Special features:
Stainless steel RoHS
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Technical information Hygienic USIT ® 311 kB
 Tightening torques 39,8 kB
 Certificate of compliance - EHEDG 148 kB


Stainless steel cap nuts with collar and seal and shim washer for Hygienic USIT® set

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D1D2D3HRSSWTApproval /
K1594.04170 EPDM 295blackM410,89,74,190,45174,8EHEDG 11.87 $ (USD)
K1594.05170 EPDM 295blackM511,810,75,1110,5186EHEDG 12.55 $ (USD)
K1594.06170 EPDM 295blackM61413,16,1130,551107,2EHEDG 13.30 $ (USD)
K1594.08170 EPDM 295blackM81816,98,1160,61139,6EHEDG 18.04 $ (USD)
K1594.10170 EPDM 295blackM102221,210,1200,751,51612EHEDG 21.39 $ (USD)
K1594.12170 EPDM 295blackM1226,625,512,1230,91,51814,4EHEDG 31.92 $ (USD)
K1594.16170 EPDM 295blackM163533,916,1301,21,52419,2EHEDG 50.43 $ (USD)
K1594.04270 EPDM 253815whiteM410,89,74,190,45174,8EHEDG 13.07 $ (USD)
K1594.05270 EPDM 253815whiteM511,810,75,1110,5186EHEDG 13.76 $ (USD)
K1594.06270 EPDM 253815whiteM61413,16,1130,551107,2EHEDG 14.56 $ (USD)
K1594.08270 EPDM 253815whiteM81816,98,1160,61139,6EHEDG 19.63 $ (USD)
K1594.10270 EPDM 253815whiteM102221,210,1200,751,51612EHEDG 23.24 $ (USD)
K1594.12270 EPDM 253815whiteM1226,625,512,1230,91,51814,4EHEDG 33.90 $ (USD)
K1594.16270 EPDM 253815whiteM163533,916,1301,21,52419,2EHEDG 53.35 $ (USD)
K1594.044fluoroprene XP 45blueM410,89,74,190,45174,8EHEDG 18.19 $ (USD)
K1594.054fluoroprene XP 45blueM511,810,75,1110,5186EHEDG 18.83 $ (USD)
K1594.064fluoroprene XP 45blueM61413,16,1130,551107,2EHEDG 19.87 $ (USD)
K1594.084fluoroprene XP 45blueM81816,98,1160,61139,6EHEDG 26.41 $ (USD)
K1594.104fluoroprene XP 45blueM102221,210,1200,751,51612EHEDG 31.10 $ (USD)
K1594.124fluoroprene XP 45blueM1226,625,512,1230,91,51814,4EHEDG 42.02 $ (USD)
K1594.164fluoroprene XP 45blueM163533,916,1301,21,52419,2EHEDG 65.72 $ (USD)
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