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Spring Plungers push fit, with o-ring seal

Spring Plungers push fit, with o-ring seal

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DescriptionMaterial:Sleeve, spring and ball in stainless steel.
O-ring NBR.
Version:Sleeve bright.
Ball hardened, bright.
O-ring black.
Note:These spring plungers with O-ring are suitable for overhead installation or for installing in difficult to access positions.

They can be pressed into the location hole by hand or using simple assembly tools. The O-ring holds the plunger in place and prevents it falling out. Other components can be easily installed without the need for further assembly aids.


Spring Plungers push fit, with o-ring seal

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DD1D2D3D4HLL1L2L3L4Spring force
initial pressure
F1 approx. N
Spring force
final pressure
F2 approx. N
K0582.054,953454,10,8510,72,30,737 on request
K0582.065,954565,11610,72,30,747 on request
K0582.087,955686,11,571,51,23,71612 on request
K0582.109,956,58108,11,8921,24,21,5612 on request
K0582.1211,958101210,12,713,52,51,85,321020 on request
K0582.1413,9510121412,13,5162,51,85,521525 on request
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