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Embases à rotule

Embases à rotule


Leveling Pads

Leveling pads incorporate a swivel with a broad foot, designed as a base for machinery, conveyor lines, packaging equipment, and other heavy objects. The swivel accommodates slight unevenness in the floor. Available with a plastic, steel, or stainless steel foot. Versions with anti-slip plates and vibration absorbing foam pads are also available.

Locating Feet

A steel disc with a foam insert prevents slipping and allows for minor inconsistencies in the floor. Ideal for vibrating machinery or counter-top devices, such as testing equipment.

Height Adjustment Bolts

Height adjustment bolts are used in power transmission assemblies to precisely align motors and transmissions. They can be used in assembly lines and packaging machinery to align components and ensure smooth operation. They consist of a heavy-duty threaded bolt pedestal that can be adjusted using a spanner wrench. A through hole allows a smaller bolt to pass through to secure the entire assembly. The standard version is the K0692 family. The K0693 family includes a locknut to prevent changes in height. A short version, K0694, is available for tight spaces. The K0695 version features a spherical washer to allow for height adjustment and level compensation in one unit.

Spherical Washers

Spherical leveling washers allow for the construction of sloping and uneven assemblies, such as a packaging line with a gradual slope. The K0691 series combines the washer and seat into a bonded pair, while the K0729 series (DIN 6319) provides the washer and seat as two separate components.
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