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Pieds lisses


Locating pins, rest pads, and feet for fixture construction

KIPP locating components are designed for fixture and jig construction, work holding, and machine tool construction.

Rest pads, also known as thrust bolts or rest buttons

Rest pads are used in fixture and jig construction as support and locating elements. They can be used as feet, supports, side locators, and wear points. They are also known as rest buttons and thrust bolts.

Threaded rest buttons, also known as positioning feet or screw rest buttons

Threaded Rest Buttons, also known as positioning feet, are similar to rest pads, but feature a threaded stem. They are used in fixture and jig construction as support and locating elements. They can also be used in clamping and work holding.

Locating pins, also known as straight bolts or locating components with ball end

KIPP locating pins are used in jig and fixture construction for alignment and positioning of work pieces.
Cylindrical pins allow for precise placement on two axes. Flattened cylindrical pins are used for precise alignment on one axis, and are often used in conjunction with a cylindrical pin.
Ball end pins are designed to prevent jamming during the locating process, especially when the locating hole is not parallel with the pin. Flattened ball end pins are available for locating on a single axis.
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