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Ring bolts DIN 580

Ring bolts DIN 580

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DescriptionMaterial:Version:Steel: drop forged.
Stainless steel: cast.
Note:DIN 580 steel ring bolts:
Stainless steel ring bolts similar to DIN 580:
For light requirements, e.g. fence construction, chain barriers and light machining.
F2 load handling with max. 45° sling angle per ring bolt.
On request:Available with CE marking and certificate of conformity.Special features:


Ring bolts DIN 580

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Order No.Main
D1LD2D3D4EHKMF1 max.
F2 max.
K0767.08steelM8132036206368101,40,9596,9on request
K0767.10steelM101725452584510122,31,7173,4on request
K0767.12steelM1220,5305430105312143,42,4244,8on request
K0767.16steelM16273563351262141675510on request
K0767.20steelM203040724014711619128,3846,6on request
K0767.24steelM2436509050189020241812,71295,4on request
K0767.108stainless steelM8132036206368101,40,9596,9on request
K0767.110stainless steelM101725452584510122,31,7173,4on request
K0767.112stainless steelM1220,5305430105312143,42,4244,8on request
K0767.116stainless steelM16273563351262141675510on request

Information about this article

A ring bolt is used whenever heavy loads have to be lifted. Due to its high stability, the ring bolt is mainly used in machine construction as a load lifting element and as an anchoring device. Instead of a screw head, the ring bolt has an annular eyelet. In contrast to an »eye bolt, the thread of a DIN 580 ring bolt is directly under the eyelet. The ring bolt is mainly used as a permanent load securing element for transport in industry or construction.

An optimum load-bearing capacity is only achieved if the thread is completely screwed in.

The ring bolt is available in steel and stainless steel versions, or as a high-strength revolving »ring bolt grade 10.

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