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Safety Lanyard
  • Safety Lanyard
  • Safety Lanyard
DescriptionMaterial:Thermoplastic urethane TPU.Note:This safety band has a high breaking strain and good elasticity.
Depending on the wall thickness, it can be attached to almost every operating part, fastening element or other object to make them unlosable.

It was especially conceived for the star grips K0154, K0155 to make them unlosable operating parts.

Refitting of existing star grips K0154, K0155 as well as knurled knobs K0260, K0261 and K0247 from our assortment is possible with this safety band.
Assembly:Recommended hole Ø 3.8-0.1.
The hole edge should be deburred.
A Teflon based lubrication is recommended to aid assembly.


Safety Lanyard

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