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Disc Handwheels aluminum similar to DIN 950, inch
K0163 Inch

Disc Handwheels aluminum similar to DIN 950, inch

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DescriptionMaterial:Handwheel aluminium.Version:Wheel rim turned and polished.
Radial and axial run-out of rim < IT 12.
On request:Hubs with square socket or plastic-coated handwheels.


Disc Handwheels aluminum similar to DIN 950, inch

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Order No.

series 1
series 2
K0163.0080XCN800,312-251630 on request
K0163.0080XCO80-0,375251630 on request
K0163.0100XCO1000,375-281731 on request
K0163.0100XCP100-0,5281731 on request
K0163.0120XCO1200,375-271830 on request
K0163.0120XCP120-0,5271830 on request
K0163.0160XCP1600,5-342040 on request
K0163.0160XCQ160-0,625342040 on request
K0163.0200XCQ2000,625-402444 on request
K0163.0200XCR200-0,75402444 on request
K0163.0250XCR2500,75-492861 on request
K0163.0250XCV250-0,875492861 on request
K0163.0280XCR2800,75-513038 on request
K0163.0280XCV280-0,875513038 on request
K0163.0360XCV3600,875-633573 on request
K0163.0360XCS360-1633573 on request
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