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Wing grips "Miniwing" biopolymer with external thread

Wing grips "Miniwing" biopolymer with external thread

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DescriptionMaterial:Biopolymer, beech.
Threaded pin steel 5.8.
Version:Screw trivalent blue passivated.
Natural beech with beech fibres.
Advantages:This biopolymer is manufactured entirely from renewable raw materials (oil free).
Conservation of finite fossil resources.
The wood fibres originate 100% from local, sustainably managed forests in Germany.
Features:Excellent mechanical stability (certified with a minimum of 2x safety factor).
Biopolymer is suitable for recycling (comparable to thermoplastics).
Suitable for outdoor use (not biodegradable).
Excellent resistance to strong acids and lyes.
Short-term resistance to alcohol, fuel, mineral oil and grease.
Special features:
Stainless steelStainless steelRoHS


Wing grips "Miniwing" biopolymer with external thread

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K0274.1000490X8Lblack grey RAL 70212813M4158 1.15 $ (USD)
K0274.10004143X8Lnatural beech2813M4158 1.15 $ (USD)
K0274.1000590X15Lblack grey RAL 70212813M51515 1.25 $ (USD)
K0274.10005143X15Lnatural beech2813M51515 1.25 $ (USD)
K0274.1000690X15Lblack grey RAL 70212813M61515 1.25 $ (USD)
K0274.10006143X15Lnatural beech2813M61515 1.25 $ (USD)
K0274.1000890X20Lblack grey RAL 70212813M81520 1.28 $ (USD)
K0274.10008143X20Lnatural beech2813M81520 1.28 $ (USD)
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