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Cylindrical Straight Bolts, Style B

Cylindrical Straight Bolts, Style B

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Cylindrical Straight Bolts, Style B
  • Cylindrical Straight Bolts, Style B
  • Cylindrical Straight Bolts, Style B
DescriptionMaterial:Tool steel.Version:Hardened and ground.
Support surface without centring.
Note:Locating pins Form B serve to position workpieces and fixture parts in reamed holes.
Locating pins Form B can also be used as hardened stops and as fixture feet.
For similar pins see K0352, K0353, K0354 and K0355.


Cylindrical Straight Bolts, Style B

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Order No.FormVersion

K0293.206Bshort67461,240,02 on request
K0293.208Bshort810691,660,02 on request
K0293.210Bshort1010691,660,02 on request
K0293.212Bshort1210691,660,02 on request
K0293.216Bshort1613812280,04 on request
K0293.220Bshort20151218290,04 on request
K0293.225Bshort251512182,590,04 on request
K0293.306Blong612461,240,02 on request
K0293.308Blong816691,660,02 on request
K0293.310Blong1018691,660,02 on request
K0293.312Blong1218691,660,02 on request
K0293.316Blong1622812280,04 on request
K0293.320Blong20251218290,04 on request
K0293.325Blong252512182,590,04 on request
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