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Crank Handles with revolving grip, inch
K0659 Inch

Crank Handles with revolving grip, inch

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DescriptionProduct description:NOVO grip crank handles set the trend in all fields.
They combine sophisticated technology with easy handling and universal application.
Material:Black grey thermoplastic.Version:Steel parts black oxidised.Note:The hub cap and the revolving grip are supplied loose. To assemble the handle simply screw the grip into the existing hole. Novo·Grip crank handles can be secured to a shaft by using a transverse pin or by parallel key connection together with a DIN 6912 socket head screw and a DIN 7349 washer.


Crank Handles with revolving grip, inch

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K0659.31CO180104240,375291385,54913 on request
K0659.32CO2100129290,375361310559,516 on request
K0659.32CP3100129290,5361310559,516 on request
K0659.33CP3125161360,54418,514083,519,5 on request
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