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Wing Grips stainless steel, metric
K0273 Metric

Wing Grips stainless steel, metric

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DescriptionMaterial:Stainless steel 1.4308.Version:Blasted or ground and polished.On request:With external threads.


Wing Grips stainless steel, metric

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K0273.904polishedM410,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.905polishedM510,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.906polishedM610,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.105polishedM514502,32411,512 on request
K0273.106polishedM614502,32411,512 on request
K0273.208polishedM821753,43516,515 on request
K0273.210polishedM1021753,43516,515 on request
K0273.9041blastedM410,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.9051blastedM510,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.9061blastedM610,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.1051blastedM514502,32411,512 on request
K0273.1061blastedM614502,32411,512 on request
K0273.2081blastedM821753,43516,515 on request
K0273.2101blastedM1021753,43516,515 on request

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