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Cam Levers expansion

Cam Levers expansion

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DescriptionMaterial:Handle and thrust washer fiberglass reinforced plastic PA 66;
hinge pin stainless steel 1.4305;
stud and washer steel quality class 5.8
PUR elastomer spring
Version:Handles and thrust washer black;
hinge pins, natural finish;
studs and washer, blue chromate;
hexagon nut with clamping element and thrust washer, blue chromate.
Note:Actuating the handle causes the elastomer spring to expand and form to the surrounding surface.
The amount of expansion of the elastomer spring and hence the clamping force can be adjusted using the nut with clamping element.
Simultaneously, the clamping element nut ensures that the preset clamping force remains unchanged when the clamp is released.
Application:The specified holding forces are not suitable for constant loads.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0118 Cam Levers expansion 285 kB


Cam Levers expansion

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Item No.SizeDD1BB1HH1H2H3AA1SWClamping force ca. N
clamp bore
(no permanent load)
Clamping force ca. N
plate clamping
(no permanent load)
K0118.121112X1211218,1221623,21412,851271,579,61010050 on request
K0118.121114X1211418,1221623,21412,851271,579,61015060 on request
K0118.221116X2021627,1332427,816,214,72099,91101335060 on request
K0118.221118X2021827,1332427,816,214,72099,911013350100 on request
K0118.221120X2022027,1332427,816,214,72099,911016350100 on request
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