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Handwheels 2-spoke plastic, inch
K0725 inch

Handwheels 2-spoke plastic, inch

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DescriptionNote:The tolerance H7 for the bore D in the drawing is only for metric handwheels. For inch handwheels the tolerance is H10.On request:Other cap colors, special versions.
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 Datasheet K0725 inch Handwheels 2-spoke plastic, inch 175 kB


Handwheels 2-spoke plastic, inch

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Item No.DD1

K0725.0080XCN0,3128024,520201634 on request
K0725.0100XCO0,375992825,5242042 on request
K0725.0100XCQ0,625992825,5242042 on request
K0725.0130XCN0,3121293230242150 on request
K0725.0130XCO0,3751293230242150 on request
K0725.0160XCO0,3751594033322257 on request
K0725.0160XCP0,51594033322257 on request
K0725.0160XCQ0,6251594033322257 on request
K0725.0200XCO0,37519851313217,560 on request
K0725.0200XCQ0,62519851313217,560 on request
K0725.0250XCQ0,62525255,539,5362471 on request

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