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Adjustable Handles with internal thread, steel, inch
K0752 IG inch

Adjustable Handles with internal thread, steel, inch

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DescriptionMaterial:Handle 1.0401.
All other steel parts quality class 5.8.
Version:Handle powder-coated, fine-textured structure.
Steel parts black oxidized.
Note:Standard colors are:
black or ruby red RAL 3003.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0752 IG inch Adjustable Handles steel internal thread, inch 212 kB


Adjustable Handles with internal thread, steel, inch

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Item No.ColorSizeXTDD1D2HH1H2H3H4AA1BNo. of
K0752.1AE1black18-32910131424,5414,531344047716 on request
K0752.1A01black110-24910131424,5414,531344047716 on request
K0752.1A11black110-32910131424,5414,531344047716 on request
K0752.1A21black11/4-20910131424,5414,531344047716 on request
K0752.2A21black21/4-201213,518,51928,56,517,542,545,56574,59,520 on request
K0752.2A31black25/16-181213,518,51928,56,517,542,545,56574,59,520 on request
K0752.3A31black35/16-181416212237102454,558,580911122 on request
K0752.3A41black33/8-161416212237102454,558,580911122 on request
K0752.4A41black43/8-1617192727,54310276367,5951091324 on request
K0752.4A51black41/2-1317192727,54310276367,5951091324 on request
K0752.5A51black51/2-1323233132491231,57377,51101261526 on request
K0752.1AE27Ruby red RAL 300318-32910131424,5414,531344047716 on request
K0752.5A61black55/8-1123233132491231,57377,51101261526 on request
K0752.1A027Ruby red RAL 3003110-24910131424,5414,531344047716 on request
K0752.1A127Ruby red RAL 3003110-32910131424,5414,531344047716 on request
K0752.1A227Ruby red RAL 300311/4-20910131424,5414,531344047716 on request
K0752.2A227Ruby red RAL 300321/4-201213,518,51928,56,517,542,545,56574,59,520 on request
K0752.2A327Ruby red RAL 300325/16-181213,518,51928,56,517,542,545,56574,59,520 on request
K0752.3A327Ruby red RAL 300335/16-181416212237102454,558,580911122 on request
K0752.3A427Ruby red RAL 300333/8-161416212237102454,558,580911122 on request
K0752.4A427Ruby red RAL 300343/8-1617192727,54310276367,5951091324 on request
K0752.4A527Ruby red RAL 300341/2-1317192727,54310276367,5951091324 on request
K0752.5A527Ruby red RAL 300351/2-1323233132491231,57377,51101261526 on request
K0752.5A627Ruby red RAL 300355/8-1123233132491231,57377,51101261526 on request
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