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Rules Stainless Steel Inch

Rules Stainless Steel Inch

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DescriptionMaterial:Stainless steel 1.4310.Version:Natural finish.Note:Rigid design stainless steel rules with self-adhesive back.
Cross section 15 x 1 mm.

Matte surface and black high contrast graduations. The graduations are deep lasered.
On request:– Zero mark lower right or center
– Graduations on a single edge
– Other lengths
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0759_Inch Rules Stainless Steel Inch 384 kB


Rules Stainless Steel Inch
Rules Stainless Steel Inch

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Item No.

TypeZero pointLCADAcc.PriceOrder
K0759.0002L01XL76.005Stainless steelhorizontalleft12 INCH on request
K0759.0002L01XA01.005Stainless steelhorizontalleft20 INCH on request
K0759.0002L01XA02.005Stainless steelhorizontalleft28 INCH on request
K0759.0002L01XA03.005Stainless steelhorizontalleft40 INCH on request
K0759.0102L01XL76.005Stainless steelverticaltop12 INCH on request
K0759.0102L01XA01.005Stainless steelverticaltop20 INCH on request
K0759.0102L01XA02.005Stainless steelverticaltop28 INCH on request
K0759.0102L01XA03.005Stainless steelverticaltop40 INCH on request
K0759.0022L01XL76.005Stainless steelhorizontalright12 INCH on request
K0759.0022L01XA01.005Stainless steelhorizontalright20 INCH on request
K0759.0022L01XA02.005Stainless steelhorizontalright28 INCH on request
K0759.0022L01XA03.005Stainless steelhorizontalright40 INCH on request
K0759.0122L01XL76.005Stainless steelverticalbottom12 INCH on request
K0759.0122L01XA01.005Stainless steelverticalbottom20 INCH on request
K0759.0122L01XA02.005Stainless steelverticalbottom28 INCH on request
K0759.0122L01XA03.005Stainless steelverticalbottom40 INCH on request
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