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Tubular handles round, aluminium

Tubular handles round, aluminium

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DescriptionProduct description:Material:Round tube aluminum EN AW-6060.
steel tapped bushing.
Version:Anodized natural tone or powder-coated black, ruby red RAL 3003 or traffic red RAL 3020.Note:Mounting materials are not included with delivery!! For secure and long-term stability, socket head screws with LONG-LOK thread lock are recommended.Assembly:The machine handle can be mounted from the rear. DIN socket head screws or hexagon head bolts with thread size M8 are provided for this purpose.Benefits:Solid appearance combined with low weight

Timeless elegant design.
Ergonomic handle shape.
Patented fastening system for rear mounting.
Accessory:K0869 socket head screws, DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762 LONG-LOK thread lock
K0869 socket head screws, DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762
K0871 hexagon head bolts DIN 933 / DIN-EN-ISO 4017
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0795 Tubular handles round, aluminium 126 kB


Tubular handles round, aluminium

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Item No.Main
K0795.250083natural25030M865296,41000 45.66 $ (USD)
K0795.300083natural30030M865346,41000 48.50 $ (USD)
K0795.400083natural40030M865446,41000 52.66 $ (USD)
K0795.500083natural50030M865546,41000 59.92 $ (USD)
K0795.2500827ruby red25030M865296,41000 45.66 $ (USD)
K0795.3000827ruby red30030M865346,41000 48.50 $ (USD)
K0795.4000827ruby red40030M865446,41000 52.66 $ (USD)
K0795.5000827ruby red50030M865546,41000 59.92 $ (USD)
K0795.2500884red RAL 302025030M865296,41000 45.66 $ (USD)
K0795.3000884red RAL 302030030M865346,41000 48.50 $ (USD)
K0795.4000884red RAL 302040030M865446,41000 52.66 $ (USD)
K0795.5000884red RAL 302050030M865546,41000 59.92 $ (USD)
K0795.250081black25030M865296,41000 45.66 $ (USD)
K0795.300081black30030M865346,41000 48.50 $ (USD)
K0795.400081black40030M865446,41000 52.66 $ (USD)
K0795.500081black50030M865546,41000 59.92 $ (USD)
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