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Side clamps, hydraulic single-acting with spring return

Side clamps, hydraulic single-acting with spring return

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DescriptionProduct description:Side clamps are used to apply the clamping force to the side of a workpiece. Side clamps are particularly suitable for clamping situations in which clamping from above cannot be carried out or is not required.
After the pressure has been released, the piston and the thrust pad are returned to the initial position with the aid of springs.
Material:Housing and piston steel.Version:Housing black oxidized.
Piston hardened.
Note:With the clamping force applied from the side, both a horizontal and a vertical force component are generated. The size of the force components depends on the travel respectively. An applied vertical force component can be max. 25 % of the clamping force. With this force, the workpiece is pushed down onto the seating face. The horizontal force component drops to min. 95 % of the initial force depending on the travel.

The clamping piston in side clamps has an integrated travel limiter.

Penetration of cutting and cooling fluids into the cylinder must be prevented.

Observe safety instructions.
Type of operation:- Thread connection.
- O-ring flange connection.
Technical data:Max. operating pressure: 500 bar.Benefits:- Low installation height.
- Integrated travel limit on the clamping piston.
Supplied with1 O-ring 10x2 (for flange connection operating mode) supplied.Drawing reference:
1) screw plug
2) O-ring
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1855 Side clamps, hydraulic single-acting with spring return 369 kB
 Technical information for hydraulic clamping elements 150 kB


Side clamps, hydraulic single-acting with spring return

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K1855.361024043610-80145618111/4502749411961623846810.08 $ (USD)
Order No.Piston ØClamping force
at 100 bar
Clamping force
at 500 bar
Oil requirement /
10mm travel
K1855.16082404161,78,52484.42 $ (USD)
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