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Rotary lever clamps, pneumatic double-acting

Rotary lever clamps, pneumatic double-acting

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DescriptionProduct description:Rotary lever clamps are highly suited for use in cramped conditions. Due to the compactness of the rotary lever clamps, they can be used in a variety of ways in clamping fixtures with little use of space and thus often enable flexible solutions.Material:Housing aluminum.
Piston steel.
Version:Piston hardened.Note:By the rotary lever clamps, the aluminum is connected to the piston rod. The air supply for the rotary lever clamps is via drilled channels.
The aluminum moves towards the workpiece with a linear stroke and clamps it. When releasing, the aluminum retracts so far that the workpiece can be removed vertically. The single stroke of a rotary lever clamp depends on the aluminum selection.

The clamping elements must be checked regularly for dirt and cleaned if necessary.
When selecting the installation position, it must be ensured that no swarf nests can form in the swivel area of the lever of the rotary lever clamp.

The flange surface of the rotary lever clamp should be adapted to the height of the workpiece during installation and a horizontal positioning of the clamping point should be available.
By positioning the rotary lever clamp correctly, workpiece tolerances can be optimally compensated for despite the short aluminum.
High forces can be generated with the rotary lever clamps. It must be ensured that the workpieces and clamping fixtures are designed for these loads.
Rotary lever clamps can be fitted with individual tension levers. The clamping force of a rotary lever clamp is dependent on the lever length.

The tension lever for the rotary lever clamp is not supplied.

Follow safety instructions.
Type of operation:Drilled channels.Technical data:Max. operating pressure: 6 bar.Assembly:See mounting contour.Benefits:- No lateral forces during clamping.
- Low mounting dimensions.
- Wide selection of levers.
- Collision-free accessibility to the workpiece.
- Lineless pressure supply.
On request:Larger piston diameters, longer strokes and with position control.Accessory:Tension levers for rotary lever clamps K1857.Supplied withSupplied with 4 DIN EN ISO 4762 cap screws, grade 8.8.Drawing reference:
1) Tension lever length (see K1857)
2) Travel (see K1857)
3) See accessories
4) Mounting contour
5) Rounded edges
6) Loosen
7) Clamping
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1870 Rotary lever clamps, pneumatic double-acting 300 kB
 Technical information for pneumatic rotary lever clamps 21 kB


Rotary lever clamps, pneumatic double-acting
Rotary lever clamps, pneumatic double-acting

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Order No.Piston ØConnection

K1870.12130412drilled channels2719,52021M4x25M4x81522217 363.07 $ (USD)
K1870.16130416drilled channels34252728M5x35M5x1120242810,5 386.50 $ (USD)
K1870.20130420drilled channels40303435M6x40M6x102527,5359 499.71 $ (USD)
K1870.25130425drilled channels5238,54344M8x50M8x1231,253243,7511,5 530.94 $ (USD)
K1870.32130432drilled channels66495758M10x65M10x1640375615,5 556.32 $ (USD)
K1870.40130440drilled channels78597172M12x80M12x1850467017,5 644.16 $ (USD)
Order No.Piston ØH4H5H6LL1L2L3RPiston force
at 6 bar
piston area
K1870.1213041222,5129,5279,753,757,513,50,142,27 363.07 $ (USD)
K1870.1613041624,513103513,54,510170,274,52 386.50 $ (USD)
K1870.2013042028151141,516,5512,5200,427,06 499.71 $ (USD)
K1870.2513042533191353,520,756,7515,63260,6811,34 530.94 $ (USD)
K1870.32130432382114,56826,58,520331,2721,23 556.32 $ (USD)
K1870.40130440472818,58233,59,525391,9933,18 644.16 $ (USD)
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