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NEW: NOVOnox hex head bolts, hex nuts and indexing plungers

HEINRICH KIPP WERK has developed a new fastening system for application areas in which hygiene plays an important role. This cavity-free solution, that is optimally coordintated to all other components, has been designed for easy cleaning and is an alternative to the Hygienic USIT® fastening system. The EU10/2011 and FDA CFR21 directives are fulfilled.

  • Smooth radii and transitions, the fastening system is free of grooves, burrs or uneven head seating

  • Inner radii > 3 mm, average finish ≤ 0.8 µm

  • Resistant to cleaning media with a pH value between pH4 and pH14 as well as strong alkalis

  • Sealing ring with cleaning-optimised geometry, good hydrolysis resistance and enhanced temperature range of -20 to +100 °C

  • Ultramarine blue sealing ring - typical in the industry for the identification of foreign bodies in foodstuffs.

This fastening system has been developed by KIPP. The uniform design of the screws and cap nuts ensures not only high functionality but also visual coherence. The domed-head forms are a protected design. The sealing ring made of the thermoplastic material POM is pre-mounted on the screw or nut, but can be exchanged and ordered separately. Screw and nut are made of stainless steel 1.4404 and are available in sizes the M4 - M16. Customers can choose between an unpolished or polished version.
HEINRICH KIPP WERK has developed an indexing plunger that fulfils stringent hygiene requirements. Designed according to Hygienic DESIGN requirements, it prevents the adherence of dirt particles and eases the cleaning process. This makes the indexing plungers ideal for the inclusion on machines and systems used in the foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries and in medical technology.

The main features:
  • The indexing plungers in Hygienic DESIGN are made of high-quality 1.4404 stainless steel, all materials are FDA conforming.

  • The components have a tapered collar so that the screw-in location can be hygienically and safely sealed with the matching sealing and shim washers.

  • The structural components have a surface finish of Ra 0.8 µm which prevents the adhesion of dirt particles.

  • The indexing plungers are resistant to polar and non-polar media as well as flavouring agents; they are also suitable for CIP/SIP cleaning processes.

KIPP offers versions with or without locking slot and with hardened or non-hardened indexing pins. The indexing plungers are available with 6 and 8 mm indexing pins and with standard or fine M10 and M12 threads. The shaft seal is optionally available in 70 EPDM 295 (black) or 75 Fluoroprene® XP 41 (blue). A matching Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer made of the same material is also supplied, this can also be obtained as an accessory if required, item No. K1491.
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