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Stainless Steel Rules

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Durable, flexible measurement

Self-adhesive laser-engraved stainless steel rules

KIPP stainless steel rules are designed to perform better and last longer than typical measurement solutions. Manufactured in Europe, they are unique in the North American market. They are available in inch or metric units, with horizontal or vertical configurations. The zero point can be specified at the left, right, top, or bottom depending on the demands of the application.
  • They are made from thick, corrosion resistant stainless steel. At 1 mm thick, they are strong and durable, yet slightly flexible, suitable for be mounting on gently curved surfaces.
  • Deep laser etchings are wear resistant and highly visible.
  • Graduations on both edges allow for mounting top or bottom, left or right, or in places where measurements are made on both sides.
  • A permanent self-adhesive back allows for mounting on machines, workbenches, walls, and tanks to measure distances, heights, and depths.
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