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Tubular handles angled

Tubular handles angled

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DescriptionMaterial:Legs EN AW-6060 extruded.
Grip inserts glass-bead reinforced thermoplastic.
Grip EN AW-6060.
Version:Legs matt-gloss black anodised.
Grip insert black.
Grip fine ground and anodised, powder-coated or with serrated black plastic body.
Note:The push-fit handle system shown here can be supplied as complete handles or as pre-assembled legs and grip inserts for mounting custom length grip tubes.
The connection between leg and grip tube is splash-proof and absolutely tight.
Assembly:From the rear.On request:Supports for larger tube lengths.Drawing reference:
1) grip insert
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0132 Tubular handles angled 97,2 kB

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Order No.Main
K0132.2001natural anodized20061,5M866,52251000 63.36 $ (USD)
K0132.2501natural anodized25061,5M866,52751000 65.06 $ (USD)
K0132.3001natural anodized30061,5M866,53251000 66.78 $ (USD)
K0132.3501natural anodized35061,5M866,53751000 68.53 $ (USD)
K0132.4001natural anodized40061,5M866,54251000 70.35 $ (USD)
K0132.5001natural anodized50061,5M866,55251000 73.86 $ (USD)
K0132.6001natural anodized60061,5M866,56251000 77.28 $ (USD)
K0132.2002black anodized20061,5M866,52251000 65.92 $ (USD)
K0132.2502black anodized25061,5M866,52751000 67.70 $ (USD)
K0132.3002black anodized30061,5M866,53251000 69.54 $ (USD)
K0132.3502black anodized35061,5M866,53751000 71.33 $ (USD)
K0132.4002black anodized40061,5M866,54251000 73.17 $ (USD)
K0132.5002black anodized50061,5M866,55251000 76.83 $ (USD)
K0132.6002black anodized60061,5M866,56251000 80.35 $ (USD)
K0132.2003black powdercoated20061,5M866,52251000 65.92 $ (USD)
K0132.2503black powdercoated25061,5M866,52751000 67.70 $ (USD)
K0132.3003black powdercoated30061,5M866,53251000 69.54 $ (USD)
K0132.3503black powdercoated35061,5M866,53751000 71.33 $ (USD)
K0132.4003black powdercoated40061,5M866,54251000 73.17 $ (USD)
K0132.5003black powdercoated50061,5M866,55251000 76.83 $ (USD)
K0132.6003black powdercoated60061,5M866,56251000 80.35 $ (USD)
K0132.2004black plastic ribbed20061,5M866,52251000 65.92 $ (USD)
K0132.2504black plastic ribbed25061,5M866,52751000 67.70 $ (USD)
K0132.3004black plastic ribbed30061,5M866,53251000 69.54 $ (USD)
K0132.3504black plastic ribbed35061,5M866,53751000 71.33 $ (USD)
K0132.4004black plastic ribbed40061,5M866,54251000 73.17 $ (USD)
K0132.5004black plastic ribbed50061,5M866,55251000 76.83 $ (USD)
K0132.6004black plastic ribbed60061,5M866,56251000 80.35 $ (USD)
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