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Lateral spring plungers with threaded body, without thrust pin, style A, without seal

Lateral spring plungers with threaded body, without thrust pin,...

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel.Version:Body blue electro zinc-plated.
Washer, hardened, black oxide finish.
Note:Depending on the circumstances, the pressure pin can be fabricated by the customer and screwed into the threaded hole of the receiving washer.
Utilizing stroke (S) and the corresponding length (L), lateral pressure (F) can be achieved.
In addition, style B is equipped with a seal to prevent chips and dirt from entering.
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0372_A Lateral spring plungers with threaded body, without thrust pin, style A, without seal 205 kB


Lateral spring plungers with threaded body, without thrust pin, style A, without seal

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Item No.StyleDD1KLL1±SSWF
Item No.
K0372.1020X12AM12M42x60°11,541,61020K0371.06  12.27 $ (USD)
K0372.1020X20AM12M42x60°1941,61020K0371.06  12.94 $ (USD)
K0372.1020X27AM12M42x60°26,541,61020K0371.06  13.55 $ (USD)
K0372.1040X12AM12M42x60°11,57,521040K0371.06  12.94 $ (USD)
K0372.1040X20AM12M42x60°197,521040K0371.06  13.55 $ (USD)
K0372.1040X27AM12M42x60°26,57,521040K0371.06  14.16 $ (USD)
K0372.1050X12AM12M42x60°11,541,61050K0371.06  12.27 $ (USD)
K0372.1050X20AM12M42x60°1941,61050K0371.06  12.94 $ (USD)
K0372.1050X27AM12M42x60°26,541,61050K0371.06  13.55 $ (USD)
K0372.1075X12AM12M42x60°11,57,521075K0371.06  12.94 $ (USD)
K0372.1075X20AM12M42x60°197,521075K0371.06  13.55 $ (USD)
K0372.1075X27AM12M42x60°26,57,521075K0371.06  14.16 $ (USD)
K0372.1100X12AM12M42x60°11,541,610100K0371.06  12.27 $ (USD)
K0372.1100X20AM12M42x60°1941,610100K0371.06  12.94 $ (USD)
K0372.1100X27AM12M42x60°26,541,610100K0371.06  13.55 $ (USD)
K0372.1150X12AM12M42x60°11,57,5210100K0371.06  12.94 $ (USD)
K0372.1150X20AM12M42x60°197,5210100K0371.06  13.55 $ (USD)
K0372.1150X27AM12M42x60°26,57,5210100K0371.06  14.16 $ (USD)
K0372.1100X16AM18X1,5M62,5x60°1811,53,216100K0371.10  13.55 $ (USD)
K0372.1100X29AM18X1,5M62,5x60°31,511,53,216100K0371.10  14.78 $ (USD)
K0372.1100X43AM18X1,5M62,5x60°4511,53,216100K0371.10  16.08 $ (USD)
K0372.1200X16AM18X1,5M62,5x60°1811,53,216150K0371.10  13.55 $ (USD)
K0372.1200X29AM18X1,5M62,5x60°31,511,53,216150K0371.10  14.78 $ (USD)
K0372.1200X43AM18X1,5M62,5x60°4511,53,216150K0371.10  16.08 $ (USD)
K0372.1300X16AM18X1,5M62,5x60°1811,53,216200K0371.10  13.55 $ (USD)
K0372.1300X29AM18X1,5M62,5x60°31,511,53,216200K0371.10  14.78 $ (USD)
K0372.1300X43AM18X1,5M62,5x60°4511,53,216200K0371.10  16.08 $ (USD)
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