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Cam-action indexing plungers with stop, stainless steel, Form B

Cam-action indexing plungers with stop, stainless steel, Form B

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DescriptionMaterial:Stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303 equivalent).Version:Bright.
Indexing pin ground, not hardened.
Note:Cam-action indexing plungers are used when the indexing pin should not project all the time. Turning the handle through 180° retracts the pin.
A notch ensures that the handle remains in this position.
A stop prevents the handle being rotated through more than 180° ensuring that the pin remains retracted.
Selecting which side the stop is on defines the rotation direction of the plunger.
Drawing reference:
1) Stop, left
2) Stop, right
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1285_B Cam-action indexing plungers with stop, stainless steel, Form B 280 kB


Cam-action indexing plungers with stop, stainless steel, Form B

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Order No.styleVersion 2DD1D2LL1L3BB1HSW1SW2Fx30°Spring force
initial pressure
F1 approx. N
Spring force
final pressure
F2 approx. N
K1285.1050610Bleft6M101038251593610171,8814 33.96 $ (USD)
K1285.1050510Bleft5M101038251593610171,3814 33.96 $ (USD)
K1285.2050510Bright5M101038251593610171,3814 33.96 $ (USD)
K1285.10510201Bleft10M20x1,5207050301861220302,82060 52.30 $ (USD)
K1285.1050816Bleft8M161660,4402614,44,81016242,31535 42.06 $ (USD)
K1285.2050616Bright6M161660,4402614,44,81016241,81535 42.06 $ (USD)
K1285.10512201Bleft12M20x1,52070503018612203032060 52.30 $ (USD)
K1285.20508201Bright8M20x1,5207050301861220302,32060 52.30 $ (USD)
K1285.2050816Bright8M161660,4402614,44,81016242,31535 42.06 $ (USD)
K1285.1050512Bleft5M121247,8301910,83,6812191,3815 37.47 $ (USD)
K1285.2050410Bright4M101038251593610171814 33.96 $ (USD)
K1285.2050812Bright8M121247,8301910,83,6812192,3815 37.47 $ (USD)
K1285.1051016Bleft10M161660,4402614,44,81016242,81535 42.06 $ (USD)
K1285.2050610Bright6M101038251593610171,8814 33.96 $ (USD)
K1285.1050410Bleft4M101038251593610171814 33.96 $ (USD)
K1285.1050812Bleft8M121247,8301910,83,6812192,3815 37.47 $ (USD)
K1285.1050616Bleft6M161660,4402614,44,81016241,81535 42.06 $ (USD)
K1285.1050612Bleft6M121247,8301910,83,6812191,8815 37.47 $ (USD)
K1285.10508201Bleft8M20x1,5207050301861220302,32060 52.30 $ (USD)
K1285.2051016Bright10M161660,4402614,44,81016242,81535 42.06 $ (USD)
K1285.20512201Bright12M20x1,52070503018612203032060 52.30 $ (USD)
K1285.2050512Bright5M121247,8301910,83,6812191,3815 37.47 $ (USD)
K1285.2050612Bright6M121247,8301910,83,6812191,8815 37.47 $ (USD)
K1285.20510201Bright10M20x1,5207050301861220302,82060 52.30 $ (USD)
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