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Plastic clamping lever with female thread and clamping force intensifier

Plastic clamping lever with female thread and clamping force...

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DescriptionProduct description:By using clamping levers with integrated clamping force intensifier, the clamping force can be increased by up to 75% compared to standard clamping levers.

Furthermore, this product can also be used by persons with limited hand strength (e.g. in rehabilitation) to achieve comparable clamping forces with less effort. Less effort is also needed to loosen the clamping lever.

The increase in clamping force is achieved by the integral needle roller thrust bearing, which generates very low surface friction on a rigid contact surface during clamping. The hardened thrust washers are designed for high clamping forces and the bearing with its high load rating guarantees a long service life.

The clamped component is permanently protected by the large, stationary contact surface. A washer is no longer required.
Material:Handle fiberglass reinforced plastic with die-cast zinc toothed ring.
Steel parts stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303 equivalent).
Version:Type of operation:The handle lever is engaged in the toothed insert by means of a toothed ring when not actuated, enabling the thread to be tightened or loosened. By lifting the handle, it can be repositioned and re-engaged in the toothed ring by spring force.Application:Machine, equipment and plant construction, rehabilitation sector.Benefits:Significant increase of the clamping force with the same tightening torque.
High quality axial needle bearing with high load rating and long service life.
The component surface is protected by the stationary lower ring
On request:Other colors.Special features:
RoHSStainless steel
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1598 Plastic clamping lever with female thread and clamping force intensifier 584 kB


Plastic clamping lever with female thread and clamping force intensifier

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K1598.2081black gray RAL 7021M82538,527,551,655,66577,59,42210 47.70 $ (USD)
K1598.3101black gray RAL 7021M1030473463,467,9809511,12410 50.98 $ (USD)
K1598.4101black gray RAL 7021M103053,13671,176,195,4110,413,22710 55.48 $ (USD)
K1598.5121black gray RAL 7021M123559,14382,887,8109,9127,415,63310 61.26 $ (USD)
K1598.2082orange RAL 2004M82538,527,551,655,66577,59,42210 47.70 $ (USD)
K1598.3102orange RAL 2004M1030473463,467,9809511,12410 50.98 $ (USD)
K1598.4102orange RAL 2004M103053,13671,176,195,4110,413,22710 55.48 $ (USD)
K1598.5122orange RAL 2004M123559,14382,887,8109,9127,415,63310 61.26 $ (USD)
K1598.20816rapeseed yellow RAL 1021M82538,527,551,655,66577,59,42210 47.70 $ (USD)
K1598.31016rapeseed yellow RAL 1021M1030473463,467,9809511,12410 50.98 $ (USD)
K1598.41016rapeseed yellow RAL 1021M103053,13671,176,195,4110,413,22710 55.48 $ (USD)
K1598.51216rapeseed yellow RAL 1021M123559,14382,887,8109,9127,415,63310 61.26 $ (USD)
K1598.20886green RAL 6032M82538,527,551,655,66577,59,42210 47.70 $ (USD)
K1598.31086green RAL 6032M1030473463,467,9809511,12410 50.98 $ (USD)
K1598.41086green RAL 6032M103053,13671,176,195,4110,413,22710 55.48 $ (USD)
K1598.51286green RAL 6032M123559,14382,887,8109,9127,415,63310 61.26 $ (USD)
K1598.20887traffic blue RAL 5017M82538,527,551,655,66577,59,42210 47.70 $ (USD)
K1598.31087traffic blue RAL 5017M1030473463,467,9809511,12410 50.98 $ (USD)
K1598.41087traffic blue RAL 5017M103053,13671,176,195,4110,413,22710 55.48 $ (USD)
K1598.51287traffic blue RAL 5017M123559,14382,887,8109,9127,415,63310 61.26 $ (USD)
K1598.20884red RAL 3020M82538,527,551,655,66577,59,42210 47.70 $ (USD)
K1598.31084red RAL 3020M1030473463,467,9809511,12410 50.98 $ (USD)
K1598.41084red RAL 3020M103053,13671,176,195,4110,413,22710 55.48 $ (USD)
K1598.51284red RAL 3020M123559,14382,887,8109,9127,415,63310 61.26 $ (USD)
K1598.20888light gray RAL 7035M82538,527,551,655,66577,59,42210 47.70 $ (USD)
K1598.31088light gray RAL 7035M1030473463,467,9809511,12410 50.98 $ (USD)
K1598.41088light gray RAL 7035M103053,13671,176,195,4110,413,22710 55.48 $ (USD)
K1598.51288light gray RAL 7035M123559,14382,887,8109,9127,415,63310 61.26 $ (USD)
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