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Cam Levers

Cam Levers

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Cam Levers from KIPP

Cam levers are used wherever frequent adjustments and clamping are necessary, eliminating the need for wrenches, screwdrivers, or other tools. To use, lift the handle, rotate until the desired tension is nearly reached, then push the handle downward, using the cam action to achieve full tension.
External thread (male) versions function as a replacement for a bolt or screw; internal thread (female) versions function as a replacement for a nut.
Engineered to the highest standards, KIPP cam levers can be used in almost any industrial application or product, from tooling and workholding to on-product adjustment and use.

Thread Size

KIPP cam levers are available in inch and metric thread sizes. Metric sizes generally range between M3 and M10:

• M3

• M4

• M5

• M6

• M8

• M10

Inch sizes generally range between 6-32 and 3/8-16:

• 6-32

• 8-32

• 10-24

• 10-32

• ¼-20

• 5/16-18

• 3/8-16

Handle Size

KIPP cam lever handles provide a range of sizes for every application. Not all sizes are available in all materials, and they may vary slightly by material.

• Size 9: handle length 41.7 mm (1.64 inches) — The smallest on the market!

• Size 0: handle length 59.1 mm (2.32 in)

• Size 1: handle length 79.2 mm (3.12 in)

• Size 2: handle length 108 mm (4.25 in)

Handle Material


KIPP steel cam levers deliver the durability of an all-metal handle at a more economical price point. Useful in workholding and other applications that are protected from water and the outdoor elements.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cam levers are perfect for challenging applications such as food processing, medical devices, and outdoor machinery.

Cast Aluminum

Lightweight and strong, cast aluminum cam levers feature powder coated handles for durability and good looks. Available in red or black.


Fiberglass reinforced plastic gives these cam levers strength and resilience. Available in red or black.

Stainless Steel
Cast Aluminium

Component Materials

In most cases, cam levers are available with your choice of steel or stainless steel components. The components include the hinge pin, threaded stud, and thrust washer.

Specialty Versions

KIPP cam levers are available in several specialty versions for unique applications:

Adjustable Cam Levers

In applications where handle rotation is restricted by close clearances, adjustable cam levers feature a rotating stud with a screwdriver slot to make adjustments. Simply lift the handle to release the cam, and then use a screwdriver to turn the stud (instead of rotating the handle). Then push the handle down to lock the cam again.

Expansion Cam Levers

An elastomer plug expands to fill a hole or grip thin materials.

Quick Lock Cam Levers

A spring clip is attached to a base component, allowing the handle cam lever to be inserted through another item using a twist-lock action.

Adjustable Cam Levers
Expansion Cam Levers
Quick Lock Cam Levers
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