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Handwheels with revolving handle, metric
K0257 Metric

Handwheels with revolving handle, metric

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DescriptionMaterial:Black gray thermoplastic.Version:Steel parts black oxidized.Note:The hub cap and the revolving grip are supplied loose. To assemble the grip, simply screw it into the existing hole.
The handwheels can be secured using a transverse pin or with parallel key connection together with a DIN 6912 socket head screw and a DIN 7349 washer.
Special features:
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 Datasheet K0257 Metric Handwheels with revolving handle, metric 209 kB


Handwheels with revolving handle, metric

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Version 1Version 2SizeDD1D2D3D4D5AA1HLL1L2L3CADAcc.PriceOrder
K0257.108008026reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore125808H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 32.25 $ (USD)
K0257.1080086reamed holewith transverse bore125808H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 27.22 $ (USD)
K0257.108010036reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore1258010H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 32.25 $ (USD)
K0257.1080106reamed holewith transverse bore1258010H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 27.22 $ (USD)
K0257.108012046reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore1258012H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 32.25 $ (USD)
K0257.1080126reamed holewith transverse bore1258012H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 27.22 $ (USD)
K0257.210010036reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore22810010H71916M538320,190,21349,143,5 36.55 $ (USD)
K0257.2100106reamed holewith transverse bore22810010H71916M538320,190,21349,143,5 31.54 $ (USD)
K0257.210012046reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore22810012H71916M538320,190,21349,143,5 36.55 $ (USD)
K0257.2100126reamed holewith transverse bore22810012H71916M538320,190,21349,143,5 31.54 $ (USD)
K0257.312512046reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore33512512H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 45.50 $ (USD)
K0257.3125126reamed holewith transverse bore33512512H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 40.42 $ (USD)
K0257.312514056reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore33512514H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 45.50 $ (USD)
K0257.3125146reamed holewith transverse bore33512514H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 40.42 $ (USD)
K0257.312516056reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore33512516H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 45.50 $ (USD)
K0257.3125166reamed holewith transverse bore33512516H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 40.42 $ (USD)
K0257.416014056reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore44516014H72525M8625,62814318,582,563,8 50.30 $ (USD)
K0257.4160146reamed holewith transverse bore44516014H72525M8625,62814318,582,563,8 45.28 $ (USD)
K0257.416016056reamed hole with slotwith transverse bore44516016H72525M8625,62814318,582,563,8 50.30 $ (USD)
K0257.4160166reamed holewith transverse bore44516016H72525M8625,62814318,582,563,8 45.28 $ (USD)
K0257.108008reamed holewithout transverse hole125808H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 20.83 $ (USD)
K0257.10800802reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole125808H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 25.90 $ (USD)
K0257.108010reamed holewithout transverse hole1258010H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 20.83 $ (USD)
K0257.10801003reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole1258010H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 25.90 $ (USD)
K0257.108012reamed holewithout transverse hole1258012H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 20.83 $ (USD)
K0257.10801204reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole1258012H71914M4302,517,674,6134036,7 25.90 $ (USD)
K0257.210010reamed holewithout transverse hole22810010H71916M538320,190,21349,143,5 25.15 $ (USD)
K0257.21001003reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole22810010H71916M538320,190,21349,143,5 30.20 $ (USD)
K0257.210012reamed holewithout transverse hole22810012H71916M538320,190,21349,143,5 25.15 $ (USD)
K0257.21001204reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole22810012H71916M538320,190,21349,143,5 30.20 $ (USD)
K0257.312512reamed holewithout transverse hole33512512H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 34.08 $ (USD)
K0257.31251204reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole33512512H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 39.16 $ (USD)
K0257.312514reamed holewithout transverse hole33512514H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 34.08 $ (USD)
K0257.31251405reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole33512514H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 39.16 $ (USD)
K0257.312516reamed holewithout transverse hole33512516H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 34.08 $ (USD)
K0257.31251605reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole33512516H72520M647,5423,3110,718,561,452,1 39.16 $ (USD)
K0257.416014reamed holewithout transverse hole44516014H72525M8625,62814318,582,563,8 38.88 $ (USD)
K0257.41601405reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole44516014H72525M8625,62814318,582,563,8 43.92 $ (USD)
K0257.416016reamed holewithout transverse hole44516016H72525M8625,62814318,582,563,8 38.88 $ (USD)
K0257.41601605reamed hole with slotwithout transverse hole44516016H72525M8625,62814318,582,563,8 43.92 $ (USD)
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