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Handwheels 2-spoke, aluminum, flat rim, fixed grip
K0162_MFG Metric

Handwheels 2-spoke, aluminum, flat rim, fixed grip

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DescriptionMaterial:Handwheel aluminum.
Cylindrical grip black thermoset PF 31-DIN 7708, center pin electro zinc-plated steel.
Version:Black, powder-coated.
Wheel rim turned.
Radial and axial run-out of rim < IT 12.
On request:Square hole broached hubs.Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0162_MFG Metric Handwheels 2-spoke, aluminum, flat rim, fixed grip 258 kB


Handwheels 2-spoke, aluminum, flat rim, fixed grip

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Item No.Style 1D1D2D3L1L3B3
K0162.21080X10reamed hole8010H7241628--ø18 x M6 x 4025.83 $ (USD)
K0162.21080X12reamed hole8012H7241628--ø18 x M6 x 4025.83 $ (USD)
K0162.21100X10reamed hole10010H7261733--ø18 x M6 x 4029.48 $ (USD)
K0162.21100X12reamed hole10012H7261733--ø18 x M6 x 4029.48 $ (USD)
K0162.21125X12reamed hole12512H7311833,5--ø21 x M8 x 5034.42 $ (USD)
K0162.21125X14reamed hole12514H7311833,5--ø21 x M8 x 5034.42 $ (USD)
K0162.21160X14reamed hole16014H7402039--ø26 x M10 x 8045.96 $ (USD)
K0162.21160X16reamed hole16016H7402039--ø26 x M10 x 8045.96 $ (USD)
K0162.21200X18reamed hole20018H7422445--ø26 x M10 x 8066.59 $ (USD)
K0162.21200X20reamed hole20020H7422445--ø26 x M10 x 8066.59 $ (USD)
K0162.21250X22reamed hole25022H7482851--ø28 x M12 x 9098.74 $ (USD)
K0162.21250X26reamed hole25026H7482851--ø28 x M12 x 9098.74 $ (USD)
K0162.31080X10reamed hole with slot8010H7241628311,4ø18 x M6 x 4028.77 $ (USD)
K0162.31080X12reamed hole with slot8012H7241628413,8ø18 x M6 x 4028.77 $ (USD)
K0162.31100X10reamed hole with slot10010H7261733311,4ø18 x M6 x 4032.41 $ (USD)
K0162.31100X12reamed hole with slot10012H7261733413,8ø18 x M6 x 4032.41 $ (USD)
K0162.31125X12reamed hole with slot12512H7311833,5413,8ø21 x M8 x 5037.58 $ (USD)
K0162.31125X14reamed hole with slot12514H7311833,5516,3ø21 x M8 x 5037.58 $ (USD)
K0162.31160X14reamed hole with slot16014H7402039516,3ø26 x M10 x 8049.27 $ (USD)
K0162.31160X16reamed hole with slot16016H7402039518,3ø26 x M10 x 8049.27 $ (USD)
K0162.31200X18reamed hole with slot20018H7422445620,8ø26 x M10 x 8070.11 $ (USD)
K0162.31200X20reamed hole with slot20020H7422445622,8ø26 x M10 x 8070.11 $ (USD)
K0162.31250X22reamed hole with slot25022H7482851624,8ø28 x M12 x 90103.32 $ (USD)
K0162.31250X26reamed hole with slot25026H7482851829,3ø28 x M12 x 90103.32 $ (USD)
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