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Thrust Bolts

Thrust Bolts

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DescriptionMaterial:Tool steel.Version:Hardened and ground,
top face without centerbore.
Note:If more than one thrust bolt is used, the support height can be reground. Thrust bolts can also be used as feet for jigs and fixtures.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0292 Thrust Bolts 195 kB


Thrust Bolts

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K0292.04162,546,50,71,2 on request
K0292.04264,548,50,71,2 on request
K0292.0465460,71,2 on request
K0292.061104,568,50,91,5 on request
K0292.0610868,50,91,5 on request
K0292.0816581022 on request
K0292.081161381022 on request
K0292.10206101222 on request
K0292.1012012101222 on request
K0292.12258121422 on request
K0292.1222520121422 on request
K0292.1232530121422 on request
K0292.16302516202,52,5 on request
K0292.164304016202,52,5 on request
K0292.165305016202,52,5 on request
K0292.166306516202,52,5 on request
K0292.20308020202,52,5 on request
K0292.2013010020202,52,5 on request
K0292.202401320203,23,2 on request
K0292.203403220203,23,2 on request
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