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Novo Grip

Novo Grip

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NOVO grip means modern design in handles, knobs, grips, and handwheels

NOVO grip components are designed look good and perform to exacting standards. With a broad range of components sharing a unified design theme, your machinery can look its best.

Lock and Clamp Indexing Plungers

These plungers combine the repeatability of an indexing plunger with the flexibility of a set screw. Pull the knob back, and the spring-loaded pin can be withdrawn and extended to select indexed positions in a row of holes. Rotate the knob, and the entire threaded stud turns in and out, enabling it to act as a set screw, selecting an infinite range of positions between the holes. Available in black, yellow, gray, and red cap colors.

Knurled Knobs and Wheels

Knurled knobs are excellent for objects that need to be pulled, or for making fine adjustments via rotation. Knurled wheels are best suited for light clamping, and are ideal for rotational adjustment. A version with a miniature crank is available, to make fine adjustments even easier. There is also an internal thread version with a through hole for threading over long studs. All except the through hole version are available with black, yellow, gray, and red cap colors.

Mushroom Knobs in Plastic and Stainless Steel

Mushroom knobs provide a conical grip that is easy to pull and works well for sliding drawers, moving mechanisms, and opening doors. The plastic mushroom knobs are available in inch and metric, with internal or external threads, in steel or stainless steel. Cap color options include black, gray, red, and yellow. An entirely stainless steel version is also available for challenging applications. Electro-polished for a bright, clean appearance, it is available with internal threads in inch or metric.

Ball Grips with Colored Caps

KIPP NOVO grip ball knobs feature a fluted grip, making them easy to twist. They are excellent for making rotational adjustments and clamping, and also make great pull knobs. Available with internal or external threads, in inch or metric, steel or stainless steel. Cap color options include black, gray, red and yellow.

Five Lobe Grips

Ergonomic and comfortable to grasp, five lobe grips are available in internal or external threads, steel or stainless steel. Inch and metric available. Cap color options include black, gray, red and yellow.

Handwheels and Crank Handles

NOVO grip handwheels feature steel hubs and strong thermoplastic wheels. They are ideal for applications where small and medium sized control wheels are needed. Available without a handle, with a revolving handle, or with a fold-away handle. Inch and metric bores available. Revolving and folding handles are also available separately.
KIPP NOVO grip crank handles feature a modern design, with a steel hub and revolving or folding handle. They are ideal for machine adjustments.

Wing Grips in Stainless Steel and Plastic

KIPP wing grips feature offset wings for a more comfortable grip and more power in turning the fastener. The entirely stainless steel wing grip is available with internal threads, in inch or metric. The plastic versions are available in inch and metric, with optional colored caps in black, gray, red and yellow. The threaded components can be steel or stainless steel, with internal or external threads.
One-sided wing grips have a unique design that adds a touch of style to machinery and cabinets. Ideal for light clamping and minor adjustments.
Mini-wings feature a highly compact size, but with a full set of features. Offset wings for ergonomic comfort, internal or external threads, and steel or stainless steel components deliver high performance.
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