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Wing Grips stainless steel, inch
K0273 Inch

Wing Grips stainless steel, inch

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DescriptionMaterial:Stainless steel 1.4308 Version:Blasted or ground and polished.On request:Wing Grips with external threads.
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 Datasheet K0273 Inch Wing Grips stainless steel, inch 178 kB


Wing Grips stainless steel, inch

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K0273.9AEpolished8-3210,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.9A1polished10-3210,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.9A2polished1/4-2010,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.1A0polished10-2414502,32411,510 on request
K0273.1A1polished10-3214502,32411,512 on request
K0273.1A2polished1/4-2014502,32411,510 on request
K0273.2A3polished5/16-1821753,43516,514 on request
K0273.2A4polished3/8-1621753,43516,514 on request
K0273.9AE1blasted8-3210,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.9A11blasted10-3210,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.9A21blasted1/4-2010,5381,7188,59 on request
K0273.1A01blasted10-2414502,32411,512 on request
K0273.1A11blasted10-3214502,32411,512 on request
K0273.1A21blasted1/4-2014502,32411,512 on request
K0273.2A31blasted5/16-1821753,43516,515 on request
K0273.2A41blasted3/8-1621753,43516,515 on request

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